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Kyle Workshop Manager
"Hi, I'm Kyle, I have a deep passion for growing food, working with natural process and enjoying good food from the garden.

~ Experience ~

I am an experienced market gardener with a focus on Demeter bio-dynamics. My path in food production began in 2013 on the South coast of NSW, as an intern market gardener at the SAGE garden. From there I worked for 5 years growing food and supplying various markets and businesses with fresh produce. During that time I explored soil chemistry, compost extracts and other methods of managing soil.

~ Background ~

I have presented various workshops on backyard gardening, offering enthusiasm to home gardening. After moving around for the past 3 years exploring various areas and forms of production, I have been offered a garden to set roots in, with a focus on food and seed production, applying bio-dynamic methods and an opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with others."