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Greg & Dionne G'Day Farm
G'Day Farm founders and growers Greg and Dionne provide organic herbs, vegetables and fruit to locals of the Wide Bay Burnett Region. In 2014 they took the leap into self-sufficiency and bought a 22 acre property in the Childers area. The entire farm is off-grid and uses permaculture principles over four large fruit tree swales and one acre is farmed intensively for herb and vegetable growing. Recently they have been introduced to biodynamics (thanks Kyle!) and have opened up a new field for winter cropping. Through great effort, will and determination the two, along with much help from family and volunteers, have managed to create a livelihood for themselves in market gardening while simultaneously providing healthy food for their community at an affordable price.
Kyle Workshop Manager
"Hi, I'm Kyle, I have a deep passion for growing food, working with natural process and enjoying good food from the garden.

~ Experience ~

I am an experienced market gardener with a focus on Demeter bio-dynamics. My path in food production began in 2013 on the South coast of NSW, as an intern market gardener at the SAGE garden. From there I worked for 5 years growing food and supplying various markets and businesses with fresh produce. During that time I explored soil chemistry, compost extracts and other methods of managing soil.

~ Background ~

I have presented various workshops on backyard gardening, offering enthusiasm to home gardening. After moving around for the past 3 years exploring various areas and forms of production, I have been offered a garden to set roots in, with a focus on food and seed production, applying bio-dynamic methods and an opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with others."